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A dreamy place where Art Stars are born.

Àlazizi ARTventureland is a wondrous place for art lovers of all ages where all your dreams can come true.

Alazizi ARTventureland provides an innovative “Junior Master Artist (JMA) Project” program. Aimed at children aged 3 to 12, the program seeks to unlock every child’s hidden potential and transform them into dazzling Art Stars.

žžOur Projects Include:
- žStorybook Project
- CD Album Project
- Fashion Design Project

- Art Portfolio Project

About Us

The Big Mission for Little Art Stars

Children’s scribblings may often be seen as meaningless or as having little importance, but at Àlazizi we see the potential that lies beneath. Children see the world through an uncolored lens, they perceive their surroundings with boundless innocence and creativity - these are the makings of a real artist. To preserve these treasured qualities, our task is to gather caring individuals who can advocate and promote the work of your children.

Through our tailor-made JMA project, little artists are encouraged to choose their favorite topic as a final project. We believe this is the best way to strengthen their creativity, focus their organizational skills, and enhance their problem-solving capabilities. Not only does this provide a platform from where they can build their accomplishments, their self-confidence, and express their individuality, but it also provides a roadmap to achieve their most wondrous dreams. In this way, more people will be inspired to appreciate children’s art.

Our Team

Creative Professionals
Art Direction / Copywriting / Graphic Design / Photography & Video / Music Production

Project Management Experts
Artist Management / Project Consultation / PR & Marketing / Event Planning / Project Coordination

International Art Teachers
Creative Thinking / Artwork Positioning / Development of Style / Techniques & Innovations / Idea Implementation

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