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CD Album Project

A star is born!!  
Dreaming of being a dazzling star on the stage? Our professional production team will help your kids to record a collection of their favourite songs on their very own CD album!

Art Class x 4  (1.5 hr per class)
Music Class x 3 (1.5 hr per class including 1 hr recording session)

Age: 4+ 

Class size: 1 student

Project Includes: 

Music lessons for recording 4 songs / Art lessons for CD Album art creation / Pitch corrections /

Vocal editing / CD layout design / CD sample production (MMO Version) x 1 pc

Extra Options: 

Professional services such as mixing, mastering and new rearrangements of songs

Extra Class: 

$600 per art class (1.5 hr)

Extra Song Production:

$4,000 per song

Project Fee: 

Advanced JMA Projects

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